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We believe in the Benefits of Managing Digital Asset of a plant in a database system. This provides the fast access to Current, Controlled and Correct information in 3D Design Model, Plant Data Model and Document Management System.

The foundation of Digital Asset Management relies on a Technology Triangle:


Process Excellence:

  • Standardized Tasks, Procedure, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Alignment of Tasks with Organization Vision of Success 

Technology Platform:

  • Selection of Technology to Support the Process
  • Technology to align with Engineering Systems being used on project
  • Technology to Support SAP or ERP systems used in Organization


  • Technology and Process Experts
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Transfer and Share of Technology and Job Notes

As CAD Global we follow the following Roadmap to support our Technology Triangle:

Process Excellence:

  • Creation of Project Procedures for Plant Management via. Aveva Systems
  • Create work instructions for all disciplines
  • Develop a Data Flow Diagram within all Disciplines and interface with SAP or other ERP systems

Technology Platform:
We support the following Aveva Technologies:

  • Aveva Global:
    • Management of Work Share in Multi Location Environment
  • Aveva Engineering:
    • Management of Engineering Tags for all disciplines
  • Aveva Plant Data Management System (PDMS):
    • 3D Model Management
  • Aveva P&IDs
    • P&ID using AutoCAD based platform
    • Database management in SQL Server
    • Interface with 3D Model
  • Aveva Instrumentation and Aveva Electrical
    • All Templates using simple Excel interface
    • AutoCAD template files for loop drawings, wiring drawings etc.
    • Database Management in SQL Server
  • Aveva Implant and Explant
    • Interfaces with multi CAD system Vendor Packages
  • X4D Reports
    • Dashboard for display and reporting of all Engineering and Document data
    • Display data in Design Review systems like Aveva Review and Navisworks
    • Design Review Comments and Reply Sharing with all users

Provide Professional Resources specialized in the System, Piping, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation discipline at various skill set levels:

  • Project Lead
  • Project Administrators
  • Project Coordinators



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